about Mandakini Hydropower Limited

Sardi khola is a town and Village Development Committee in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. At the time of the 2011 Nepal census it had a population of 7027 persons living in 1745 individual households.

Sardi Khola Hydropower Station (Nepali: सार्दी खोला जलविद्युत आयोजना) is a run-of-river hydro-electric plant located in Kaski District of Nepal. The flow from Sardi River is used to generate 4 MW electricity. The plant is owned and developed by Mandakini Hydropower Pvt. Ltd., an Independent Power Producers Association Nepal (IPP) of Nepal. The plant started generating electricity from 2074-08-23 BS. The generation licence will expire in 2105-03-12 BS, after which the plant will be handed over to the government. The power station is connected to the national grid and the electricity is sold to Nepal Electricity Authority.

Vision of the Company
“Brighten the nation by maximum utilization of water resources and bring prosperity to people through hydropower development”

Mission of the Company
“To identify different size of hydropower projects in Nepal, study, develop them and construct projects through peoples’ participation; generate, operate and own the projects and sharing benefits with people” is the mission of the company.

Date of Incorporation of Company: 2071/3/31

Company Registration no : 124294/70/071

PAN No: 302751020

Date of Conversion into Public Ltd: 2071/3/31